Our Mission

Khmer Legacies is creating a video history archive about the Cambodian genocide from the perspective of survivors. The organization has the goal of videotaping testimonies of Cambodian survivors in which the younger generation interviews the older generation. The archive will then be used as an educational tool to deepen understanding about the Khmer Rouge genocide for researchers, students, and the world. The mission of Khmer Legacies is to:

  • provide a healing opportunity for survivors by witnessing their testimonies – taking a conversation of shame and transforming it into one of heroism;
  • bridge the generational divide between Cambodian parents and their children;
  • prevent future mass atrocities by preserving the history and deepening understanding of the Khmer Rouge genocide for the world;

Khmer Legacies is a non-profit organization incubated at Yale University’s Genocide Studies Program in New Haven, CT.

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buy the New Year Baby DVD

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